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What Makes a Good Rifle Case?

The most prized possession of a professional marksman or avid hunter is likely to be your rifle. Finding a case that enables you to transport your rifle, keep it secure, and protected from the elements can be a challenge. Not all rifle cases are made equal.

Even if you’re just a casual shooter or hunter, chances are you’ll want to keep your rifle in a safe place. Ultimately, what kind of case you choose comes down to what you need the case for and what type of shooting activities you prefer.

Single or Double?

If you only have one rifle, or you are not going far on your hunting trip, a single rifle case suffices for most scenarios. These rifle cases have plenty of room for all your rifle accessories, like additional magazines, rifle scopes, and tactical lights. Single rifle cases are great for the casual hunter, or for shooters who have a favorite rifle they rely on for all shooting events.

If you have two or more rifles, you may find that traveling with two rifles to a hunting expedition or shooting competition is necessary. In these instances, a double rifle case may be the solution you need.

Professional marksmen and devoted hunters often have multiple rifles that suit various occasions. Big game hunting may require switching calibers and a rifle that can shoot farther with greater accuracy. A double rifle case could be useful if you find yourself traveling out of town, out of state, or abroad.

Soft Shell Case

Once you have decided on the single or double rifle case, you must determine if you need a soft or hard shell case. If you often go on long hunting trips in secluded areas or plan to use your rifle in rough climates, a soft shell case may not be robust enough for the wear-and-tear of your travels.

Soft shell cases are made from durable fabrics such as nylon, which are also very flexible. Their interior is lined with protective padding that is soft and won’t scratch your rifle’s finish. There are even some soft shell cases designed to serve as cushions when they’re not being used to protect your rifle.

These cases are lightweight and easy to transport, so they’re ideal if you’re traveling locally, going to a nearby shooting range, or a day hunt. In addition, the flexibility of soft shell cases makes it easier to angle them to fit into traveling compartments in your truck and store them among other items.

One feature that you should look for when considering a soft shell case is whether it has an internal tie-down system or integrated rifle retention that keeps the rifle securely in place. Other useful features include pockets for stocks and muzzles and compression straps.

Typically more affordable than hard shell cases, soft shell cases work well for both tactical and hunting rifles. An average or casual shooter might prefer a soft shell case over a hard case. Soft shell cases make less noise when you open them, making them ideal for use by hunters in the field.

These cases usually eliminate the need to carry an extra bag to the range, since you can store many of the supplies you would typically bring in the exterior pouches.

The Assault Systems Rifle Case is constructed with 1,000 denier nylon and has full-length YKK zippers. This case has up to six external magazine pouches with Velcro closures and an accessory pocket.

Hard Shell Case

For comparison, hard shell cases are often made from durable polymers or metal and have an interior lining made of dense, closed-celled foam. These cases are better for heavy-duty trips when there may be a lot of bumping, like when you are traveling over rocky terrains.

If your primary concern is preserving the functionality of your tactical firearm and protecting it from scrapes and dents, a hard shell case is the best choice. In addition, because hard shell cases should always have a protective special coating, both the case and your rifle have a safeguard from the weather elements.

When picking a hard shell case, it should be crush-proof and watertight. It should also have layered foam inserts, reinforced locking points, and wheels.

Use hard shell cases for tactical and military-grade rifles to keep them motionless and secure at all times.

One example of a hard shell case that many rifle owners use is the Pelican iM3100 Storm Long Case. With six Press & Pull latches, powerful hinges, and two padlockable hasps to keep the rifle secure, this rifle case is made of a strong HPX resin and a Vortex valve to protect it from the elements.

The Takeaway

There are a number of important factors to consider before purchasing a rifle case, but keeping it secure for all your carrying needs is essential.

As different states can have varying laws for transporting your rifle, check the laws for a particular state if you’re planning on making a long-distance trip.

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